Once upon a time contests were a place for like minded people to gather and push one another with new tricks and creativity. Somewhere along the line of uniformity and mass appeal something was lost. Snowboarding’s style pioneer Terje Haakonsen has been trying to do something about this, and recently he invited some of the best half pipe riders in the world representing all kinds of style and riding to join him in Norway for The 2014 Arctic Challenge to try to come up with a new way of looking at half pipe contests. The pipe that SPT-built in Norway was a beast with hips, extensions, mailboxes and a wall ride. Terje led a jam session format with riders like Ipod, Ben Ferguson, Benji Farrow, Kent Callister, Markus Keller, Arthur Longo, Scott Blum and many more. In the end Danny Davis took home the title by demolishing everything and seemingly dropping a different run every time he rolled into the pipe. Hopefully we see many more events like this in the future.

Check out photos from The 2014 Arctic Challenge.