Ashbury Demo at Park City

Main photos below shot by T Bird. Bonus click-through gallery above shot by Dave Brewer.

Words: T Bird

Ashbury founders Lance Hakker, Mike Hakker and Nima Jalali really have something special. In that the current state of the snowboard industry is mostly comprised of conglomerates and corporations, and that's a good thing, because those brands stoke the flames for the little guys. The little guys like Ashbury in this particular case. The Goliaths put large amounts of money into the industry and allow the Davids to do their own thing and build their brand the way they see fit.

Ashbury Demo 1

You may not know that the Hakker brothers were conjoined twins when they were born. They were connected by Mike's ratchet and Lance's ladder. True story.

In Ashbury's case, they've chosen to compile some of the world's best jibbers (and some damn good jumpers, too) to fill their team roster, and today, at Park City, those riders were put on display on a course consisting of a handful of rails plugged into the snow by Jeremy Cooper and his dedicated park crew. LNP, Jake Kuzyk, Danimals, Alex Andrews, Sean Black, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Jake Olsen-Elm, Johnny Miller, Chris Brewster, Jonas Michilot, and a slew of other metalheads put on quite a show for the crowd in attendance on the setup.

Ashbury Demo 2

If you have told Ethan Stone Fortier–SNOWBOARDER Magazine Senior photographer and OG Summit County jibber–in the early 90's that in 2011, dudes would be grabbing their boards while doing rail tricks, he probably would've started a company and taken up shooting photos as a plan B. Oh, wait…

Of note is that this was a demo, not a contest. A heavily skate-influenced company, Ashbury took a page from their four-wheeled brethren by gathering their team on the slopes of Park City to just ride. What better way to stoke out the general consumer than by piling these dudes in a public place to showcase what they would be doing anyway? It was a pleasure to watch, and the attainability of the features made it even more fun to witness, as the masses strapped in and headed straight for the chairlift the minute the show was over. And that's what it's all about from a brand standpoint. Stoke kids out and make them head for the hills. Well done, fellas. It was a damn fine day indeed.

Ashbury Demo 3

Desiree Melancon and Ben Bilocq go take a hike. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 4

Scotty Stevens is one of the best jibbers on earth. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 5

Sean Black was there. He was ripping. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 6

: Bode Merrill shows off his new mustache. Chris Grenier and Alex Sherman look unimpressed. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 7

Ben Bilocq boardslides through a rail with more kinks in it than the GOP's revision to Obamacare. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 8

Sean Black, in color. Dave Brewer and one-half of the Hakk Attack in the back. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 10

I actually missed the best part of this trick. Jonas Michilot grabbed stale before locking into a front board. That's like a porn photographer getting all the pumpin' but missing the money shot. I missed the money shot. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 11

This might be the best photo I shot all day. In fact, I may make it my business card. Justin Bennee. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 12

Ben Bilocq, switch back lip. Did you know that the "c" in his last name is actually not silent? Yeah, try pronouncing it now. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 13

Jake Kuzyk. Did you know that the "u" in his last name actually is silent? Yeah, try pronouncing it now. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 14

Louif-Felix Paradis backlips through the down-flat-down. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 15

LNP is a hairy guy. He also does pretty hairy shit on a snowboard. P: T Bird

Ashbury Demo 9

Johnny Miller took home the best trick in my book. Front board through the kink with a curve. P: T Bird