We have been hearing about slides across the West and want everyone to stay safe. Viral videos is not where the talks should stop. We do not glorify avalanches in any way. It is a fact of the backcountry and no rider, no matter ability, should ever venture out untrained. The video above is a small slide. Tom Oye was lucky up in Whistler. He was wearing an avalanche airbag pack. (We will update when we receive more info.)

Hands on training cannot be replaced, but there are online tools that can get the conversation going. Quickly skimming the National Ski Patrol site doesn’t cut it. Learn about the snowpack, slope, and weather conditions. Always travel with someone. Do the avi courses, wear the gear, and pay attention.

The bottom line is… first tracks should never lead to last rites.

Check out the interactive maps for avalanche warnings here!

We encourage you to comment with your own resource links as well.

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