For every pizza shop in New York, there are at least two good riders in Big Bear. Last year a band of the lakeside Cali town’s best boarders contributed to making Data Fantasy an original, mind-reeling piece of cinema. The full parts slosh agreeably together and are primely coordinated to give your eyeballs much to be stoked on. Data Fantasy isn’t a hyper refined blockbuster, and that’s what makes it great. It’s got dirt and backbone, personality and gritty mountain-town aesthetics that are often a challenge to capture and portray on screen. It’s a hyperbole of dudes being dudes in a place they love. There’s something simply rad about that.

Featuring Jared McDaniel, Kody Williams, Brett Wilkinson, Denis Leontyev, Kyle Schafer, Mike Gray, Jeremy Estorga, Lenny Mazzotti, Keoni Kaimuloa, Bob Abrams, Chris Fellner, Richie Conklin, Jake Schaible, Robert Toste, Jason Falcao, and Johnny Miller.

A video by bEEF!