This video makes us want to snowboard. The crew at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, with JP Schlick behind the lens, does a hell of a good job visually listing off the reasons we love making turns. At Bend resident, Gerry Lopez’s Big Wave Challenge in mid-April, earth surfing boarders from all over paddled out to Bachelor and slashed their way down a creative, ocean-inspired course. Across the hill, Josh Dirksen exhibits plenty of powder prowess and in the park, the local crew throws down with a variety of creative hammers–going sideways on that bike rack rail? Holy hell. Let’s just close this one by saying that Jared Elston is an animal. Nice work, boys. See you next season.

Featuring Danny Davis, Forrest Devore, Josh Dirksen, Jared Elston, Dru Brownrigg, Willis Grigsby, Johnny Sisco, and Justin Norman.