The waves were kicking up plenty of spray on April 23, 2016 as off shore winds produced the yearly mega swell at Mt. Bachelor, known fondly to locals as the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge. A winter of high tide had prepared the shorebreak for incoming slabs and as precipitation emitted in full from the sky, a bevy of wave-ready snowmen and women paddled out aboard the lift and dropped into the cascading transitions of this beloved event. JP Schlick, channeling the hardy cameramen who float the waves at Teahupo’o and other might breaks around the world, bravely took out his camera and was able capture the white wave surfing that went down at this Oregon mountain. Without further adieu, presenting the final Bachelor Party of the season from one of our favorite resorts to snowsurf at, Mt. Bachelor: Episode 4.5 Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge.