Episode Three of Bachelor Party 2016 continues the legacy of the series—rounding up a flock of dudes, and letting them tumble down Mt. Bachelor with as much creativity and grace as they can muster. This year the Pacific Northwest has been blessed with precipitation that isn’t only deep, but extremely permissive. It’s the type of ubiquitous pow that endorses foolhardiness. With so much fresh stacked about, every nook of Bachelor’s terrain offers an opportunity for a slash, air, tomahawk, or a glorious combination of the three. In this episode Justin Norman, Jared Elston, Randal Seaton, Willis Grigsby, Alex Lopez, Max Warbington, Ralph Kucharek, Wiley Jones, and Teddy Shine rip the park and roar through swathes of pow, each with a unique display of personal horsepower. This squad of buds in such a scenic sprawl really hits home the fact that society, snow, and surroundings, when jigsawed together in a proper fashion, make for a hell of a party.