Over the past six months, the Bachelor Party video series has showcased the Bend-based crew that call Mt. Bachelor home and further cemented riders like Justin Norman, Jake Rose, Randal Seaton, Justin Sampson, JD Dennis, and more into the our snowboarding lexicon. What the locals have always known about this Oregon resort has been shared with SNOWBOARDER Mag viewers through the collective efforts of Bachelor Park Manager Parker Bohon, filmer and editor Jim Sanco, and all of the riders that have stacked clips for these edits. If the parks of Mt. Bachelor aren’t on your hit list yet for next season, add it now. This episode of Bachelor Party features the past few weeks in the Northwest, complete with plenty of snow and lots of hams from Jake Rose, Demetri Bales, Alex Drinkard, Jared Elston, Blake Driskell, Rory Honus, Justin Norman, Dylan Thompson, Randal Seaton, and Garrett Warnick. June at Mt. Bachelor looks pretty damn good.

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