Back to the Boneyard 5 at Waterville Valley


words: Tyler Davis
photos: Adam Metterville

Back to the Boneyard 5 went down under snowy skies at Waterville Valley Resort. The wintery weather didn't scare anyone away, as hungry rookies and East Coast legends came together and put on quite the show.

Luke Mathison and the WV Park Crew put together a really fun set up consisting of two fun jumps, a massive hip and a creative rail section that used one of the original Boneyard handrails. With the jump section first on the menu, Al Grogan was an early standout stomping clean cab 540s and backside rodeo nose grabs. Eugene Stancato was one of my favorite shredders of the day, linking super stylish half-cab crails and backside 180 seatbelts.

Hips are one of the most fun and difficult things to ride and they truly separate the men from the boys. Tom Peplinski and Jacques Beriau were not intimidated by the tombstone take off, as each sent a handful of large and stylish frontside airs over. Tim McLaughlin was without question the most impressive rider of the session. Taking laps in between coaching duties for the Waterville Valley Academy, he launched numerous airs way over the flags and showed everyone exactly how a hip should be ridden.

After a quick lunch break, the day ended with the rail section. There were so many good tricks thrown down and I am pretty sure that I saw every possible 270 variation go down at least once from Casey Willax and Dennis Filteau. Olivia Wiggins has some really impressive rail skills and stomped a ton of different tricks. Wyatt and Caleb Kern put on quite the show, with the two young guns not letting their youth get in the way of their riding.

As the older riders began making their way to Buckets for PBR's, the curtain was brought down on another successful Back to the Boneyard event.  A huge thank you must go out to all of the sponsors who made this event possible, Red Bull, Ass Industries, Whtflg, Eastern Boarder, Steeze, PBR, Bern and SnowboarderMag.



16 and Under
1. Caleb Kern
2. Sam Gilda
3. Wyatt Kern



1. Tim McLaughlin- King of the Boneyard
2. Casey Willax
3. Dennis Filteau



1. Nora Healy
2. Olivia Wiggins
3. Hannah Kelsey


Washed Up:
1. Tyler Davis
2. Jacques Beriau
3. Jason Cheney