Recap: Tyler Davis
Photos: Laura Austin & T. Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges

Remember when snowboard contests were more about hanging out with friends than perfect scores and gold medals? Or when a double overhead method was cooler than a double cork? Now in its fourth year, Pat Moore and Waterville Valley have held Back to The Boneyard, a contest all about bringing together old friends and introducing new groms to exactly what snowboard culture is all about. The best part of the contest is that all the money raised goes to the Pat Moore Foundation, which helps support young riders from New England in pursuing their snowboard dreams by helping out with such things as travel expenses and tuition to Waterville Valley Academy.

Luke Mathison and the WV park staff created a classic Boneyard set up, with the luxury of a poma lift. The morning started off with a jump session that ended in an old style tabletop jump. Young guys like Zack Normandin, Merrick Joyce, Will Mayo and Brendon and Colin Hart had no problem figuring out the steep take off, and soon were throwing down everything from backside 180s to double backflips. Even local legends Jason Cheney and Nelson Wormstead were hitting the big line, showing the youth a thing or two about style. The second feature was a perfect rightside quarterpipe carved into the big table. The QP not only saw handplants of all kinds, mctwists and even a few airs, but also the crash of the day done by none other than Aaron Diamond. Hiking way past the other riders, Aaron dropped in and did a 12 foot backside air to bellyflop on the deck, earning himself a bloody nose, cracked rib and two possible broken wrists. The last part of the contest was an impressive rail garden with a long flat-drop-flat rail and a few propane tanks. There was some progressive riding during this section, including some standout tricks by Robert Connors, Graham Hoffman and Norah Healey

Each year at Back to the Boneyard the washed up division, brings together old friends who now have real jobs and families, but still love snowboarding. This year's contest included a good old-fashioned downhill race from the top of Waterville to bottom of the park. As soon as it started, chaos ensued with a swarm of NH Dirts battling for the coveted first chair. After some friction with patrol and a high speed run down Psyched, Aaron Diamond, Ben Newton, Danny Garrity and Mike Baker were the first over the line, and the first to get their passes pulled.

The day ended with free PBR's and prizes from the famous Quonset Hut, including a very large sword for the "King of the Boneyard." It was an amazing day, filled with good friends and good snowboarding, and more importantly money was raised to help support the next generation of snowboarders. A huge thank you to Forum, Foursquare, Red Bull, Electric, Volcom, Waterville Valley and PBR for their support, as well as Jaime Cobbett and Kevin Bell for their damage control after the washed up race, the WV park staff for their hard work, and Pat Moore for reminding all of us why we started snowboarding in the first place.



1. Nora Healey

2. Lily Calabrese

3. Hannah Kelsey

15 and Under:

1. Sam Gildea

2. Grant Shambo

3. Caleb Kern

Washed Up Still Riding:

1. Tyler Davis

2. Gram Hoffman

3. Jason Cheney


1. Zack Normandin- King of the Boneyard

2. Colin Hart

3. Ezra Racine