Battle Of The Brands 2012: ThirtyTwo VS Nitro

BOTB Match 11 ticker


Did you know that 1¹ + 2² + 3³ = 32? Of course not. No one ever associates ThirtyTwo with square anything let alone 2² . Yet there is no denying that this Thirtytwo Battle Of The Brands video is the sum of many powers, including those of Hobush, Bradshaw, Flanagan, Brewster, Thompson, Schubert, Sexton, O’Connor, Grenier and Stevens as composed by Hi-Def Jeff. Will this equation add up to a victory for ThirtyTwo? Not if Nitro’s formula for success in the first round, new school tricks by Duke, the Kotsenburgs, Arvidsson, Taxwood, Burgener, Grigis, Siebert, Eliassen, Brady, Bilocq and Geis set to a new wave track by New Order, continues to carry over for the remainder of the 2012 Battle Of The Brands campaign.

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