Battle of the Brands 2013 – Bataleon

When Ethan Morgan opens the Bataleon BOTB show with an acid drop you know this edit will be a trip. Ethan then continues to get weird with an early grab boardslide and a front blunt 450 out. European journeyman Jonas Steen follows Ethan up with ample airtime and then East Coast rail technician Shaun Murphy takes apart the Loon tunnel jib. The intermission is provided by a good old-fashioned bail section showing that the Bataleon battalion was dealt a few bumps and bruises while at Bachelor. The pace quickens for the finale as the suds spray with knuckle draggers, metal meddlers, and slush slashers bookending big air trickery by Rob Balharry and Mitch Richmond while two hammers by Gulli Gudmundsson serve as the ender and ender-ender.

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