Battle of the Brands 2013: Round 1 Battle 2 – Mervin vs. Volcom

It’s a battle of the titans in Heat 2 of Battle of the Brands, as Mervin has employed the team riders of all three of their brands’ (Bent Metal, Lib Technologies, and Gnu) team riders in order to take Volcom out of the contest. Both teams have put together what we see more as a mini movie than solely a single edit, which speaks to the unique ideology that has helped both brands’ succeed in snowboarding. Check out both Volcom and Mervin’s efforts and vote for the one that you like best, and choose wisely, because we expect Heat 2 to indeed be–ahem–heated.

You can vote, watch the videos, and get all of your information on the Battle of the Brands 2013 website. Click here to check it out.