Battle of the Brands 2013 – Volcom

The three-act structure is a staple of modern film narrative. Last season's Battle Of The Brands critics’ choice winners, Volcom, return to this social media melee with an offering that is a textbook example of the tried-and-true three-act edit. The setup, aptly titled Part 1: Black & White, is taken on by alpine auteur Pat Barraza who delivers a stunning one minute and 40 second monochromatic montage of Zac Marben, Johnny Lazz, Gray Thompson, Mike Rav and Skylar Thornton. Part 2: Unfollow, as produced by Jake Price, is classic Volcom with a lo-fi, flow down the snow with your friends, feelgood vibe. Captured on grainy stock with the primary focus being the other side of Bachelor that lies beyond the Superpark boundaries Unfollow could put Volcom ahead. Part 3: True To This, as tackled by filmmaker Greg Weaver, is a fast-paced and dense collection of clips showcasing Dylan Alito, Ruiki Masuda, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, and Hunter Wood, all unfiltered and fearless.

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