Bear Mountain 2009 Opening Day Photos & Video

Words and Photos: Jenna Klein

When it seemed like the entire Big Bear population was driving down the hill on their way to work, I was slightly worried the internet was lying about Bear Mountain’s 2009 big one run opening. However, like everything else on the Internet, it was true, and the first day of Bear’s season was officially underway. With the usual characters sneaking out of the woodwork in undersized and oversized clothing alike, I won't deny smelling some lift line wear that had seemingly been rotting in a closet since last spring. Regardless of really bad scents, everyone hung in the reasonably short lift line to hit up the glorious white ribbon that lay ahead. With Bear’s park staff on it like always, riders were treated to a corrugated pipe, a few flat boxes, some other features near The Scene and a metal down lift tower tube up top. Rumors also flew that several new features will be added tonight, totaling a dozen by this weekend.

Locals are out but everyone's invited, the Midget Mafia are no longer midgets, Zak Hale's growing a mustache and park staff's Clayton Shoemaker seemed hopeful about opening the top as soon as it gets cold enough. Early season expectations were met and smiles and sunscreen graced the faces of all, and I can't even say I saw one person get a personal ride down via Ski Patrol.

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