Bear Mountain Opening 11

Zak Hale looks pretty comfortable with a 100 foot pole between his legs.

Photos & Recap: Mark Imanuel

Captions: Laura Austin

Generally, when most resorts open they have small features so everyone can get their game back. This was not the case. Bear Mountain definitely began opening day with a bang. Nobody expected to see what they saw. With a fresh storm last weekend and the dry cool air, the park staff at Bear was able to create a sick mid-season set-up that would put a smile on anyone's face.

Bear Mountain Opening 01

Did you know Bear Mountain was originally called Goldmine Mountain and was founded in 1952? Do you know how much a gallon of gas cost in 1952? 20 cents. You know how much I'm going to charge you for this history lesson?

Bear Mountain Opening 17

Did you know Nima Jalali was in a band called "Trouser Pilots"? Is that still going? And where the hell did that name come from?

Bear Mountain Opening 03

I guess these guys' names are Jimmy Vu & David Luu, does anyone else find this odd? Regardless, they are stoked for opening day.

Bear Mountain Opening 07

Didn't anyone tell Trevor Curran that you aren't supposed to wear white after labor day? Does Bear Mountain have fashion patrol? To be honest it wouldn't be surprising if they did.

Bear Mountain Opening 04

Bradshaw doesn't clambake cars, he clambakes valleys.

Here is Jimmy Vu again, poppin over a woodshed.

Here is Jimmy Vu again, poppin over a woodshed.

Bear Mountain Opening 05

Austin Leong sums up opening day conditions. Touchdown.

Bear Mountain Opening 08

This is a boarderline guy in the sky shot and Zak Hale isn't quite grabbing his board yet. Luckily you can see a tiny slice of the lip and the depth of field is pretty ridiculous... or else we might have had to fire an intern. Can you do that?

Bear Mountain Opening 10

Lance Hakker and Nima Jalali nothing but big smiles all day.

Bear Mountain Opening 18

Lance Hakker might be one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. If you do ever get the chance to meet him, ask him why the Celtics are his favorite basketball team.

Bear Mountain Opening 18

Riding Bear is kind of like skating a skate park. Park kid's dream. Brett Wilkinson getting back tail.

Bear Mountain Opening 13

Zak Hale gives riding a quaterpipe a whole new meaning.

Bear Mountain Opening 15

MC Hammer would be proud. Rider: Daniel Brown

Bear Mountain Opening 16

Zak Hale coming back for seconds.

Bear Mountain Opening 11

What's the proper name for this rail? Double kink bent right? Sounds like a birth defect. Brett Wilkinson switch 50-50.

Bear Mountain Opening 02

Bear Mountain opening day. Check. Many more days to come.