Bear Mountain’s pedigree of parks are cause a plethora of pro riders to head to the San Bernadino Mountains each winter to take laps on the jumps and jibs built by Clayton Shoemaker and his talented park crew. In Bearmation, Bear showcases some of the riders that headed to their hills last winter. Part 2 highlights the riders that call this resort home. So watch as Oliver Dixon, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, Keoni Kaimuloa, Jimmy Hay, Jake Schaible, and Brett Wilkinson give you plenty of reasons to schedule a trip to Bear this winter.

Watch Bearmation – part 1 with Brandon Hobush, Christian Hobush, and Jordan Small, and stay tuned for part 3 with Joe Sexton, Zak Hale, and Dylan Alito dropping on October 15th.

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Part 1 – Brandon Hobush, Christian Hobush and Jordan Small
Part 3 – Joe Sexton, LNP, Castro, Zak Hale, and Dylan Alito
Part 4 – JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Bradshaw, and Justin Mulford