If someone mentions Bear Mountain to any snowboarder, this will most likely spark a conversation about either the park, a Bear rider, or video parts from Bear. Bearmation is one of those series of video parts that people will be talking about for a long time. The first four parts of Bear Mountain’s Bearmation have showcased a selection of the best talent in the snowboard industry along with the hard work the creative park crew at Bear put in last season.

In Bearmation part 1Brandon Hobush, Christian Hobush and Jordan Small provided examples as to why they're part of the rising generation of rail rippers. In part 2, the local crew of lappers, including Oliver Dixon, Richie ConklinJeremy Estorga, Keoni Kaimuloa, Jimmy Hay, Jake Schaible, and Brett Wilkinson showcased their Bear-honed skills. Part 3 featured Joe SextonLNP, Castro, Zak Hale, and Dylan Alito, a group of riders who can boast contest wins and video parts and headed to Bear last winter to get in some quality parks laps. In part 4JP Walker and Scott Stevens join locals Chris Bradshaw and Justin Mulford hit the hill to provide some legendary shredding. Part 5 features Scotty Vine, Ian Sams, Johnny Miller, and Denis Leontyev absolutely throwing down in the park, hitting each feature every way imaginable and then some.

Watch more Bearmation:
Part 1 – Brandon Hobush, Christian Hobush and Jordan Small
Part 2 – Oliver Dixon, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, Keoni Kaimuloa, Jimmy Hay, Jake Schaible, and Brett Wilkinson
Part 3 – Joe Sexton, LNP, Castro, Zak Hale, and Dylan Alito
Part 4 – JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Bradshaw and Justin Mulford