We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Ben Ferguson drops a perfect 10.00 to rival Rene Rinnekangas for our favorite halfpipe run of the season. Who cares if the scoreboard is out of 100.00? The oldest Ferg already had a spot on the 2018 Winter Olympic team secured and a podium finish when he dropped in for his third and final this past Saturday at Mammoth. Just a few hours away from his 23rd birthday, starting off with a huge air-to-fakie, Ben stayed under the lip for the remainder of his run—slashing, turning, and rolling—much to the crowds enjoyment. The score might have been low, but the announcers and his fellow riders went wild at the bottom of the pipe. We don’t think we are going out on much of a limb when we say that we probably won’t see this run from Ben in PyeongChang, but we would like to thank him for giving it to us now! Congrats on making the team Ben, and good luck in South Korea!

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