Cooke City, MO. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Cooke City, MO. Photo: Aaron Dodds

Safety tricks and stock runs are foreign concepts to seven-time SNOWBOARDER Magazine Big Mountain Rider of the Year Jeremy Jones. While many of his piste-confined contemporaries are sipping cocoa in contest lounges and hitting the club after hitting the twenty-stair, Jeremy is digging snow pits, dodging slough, and studying images of his next potential unbelievable descent. Rather focusing on one film part in '08, Jones produced three film segments, appear- ing in Leeward's My Own Two Feet , Absinthe's Ready , and Brainfarm's That's It, That's All. Off the hill, Jeremy continues his efforts to reverse global warming—as CEO and Executive Director of Protect Our Winters (, the alpine icon most known for riding what was previously thought unrideable is striving to keep every slope accessible for the rest of us.

DOB: 01.14.1975
MOUNTAIN: Squaw Valley, CA
SPONSORS: Rossignol, O'Neill, Scott, Swatch,, Protect Our Winters (POW)

1st, 2008 Swatch Big Mountain Pro

Brainfarm Productions' That's It That's All, Absinthe's Ready, Leeward Cinema's My Own Two Feet

"Does anyone else really even try to do it like he does?" – JP Walker

"He respects the mountain and blends power, knowledge and grace. I respect him." – Travis Parker