Mammoth Mtn., CA. Photo: E-Stone

Mammoth Mtn., CA. Photo: E-Stone


Eighteen-year-old Jamie Anderson is the youngest person ever to achieve our Rider of the Year honor. With most of her peers forsaking contests in favor of filming, Jamie has succeeded in striking a balance between the two. As a slopestyle standout, she now has two X Games golds and the 2008 TTR overall title under her belt. Recently, Jamie set her sights on achieving halfpipe success, and already has a win and a third-place finish in the current Burton Global Open Series. When not on tour, Jamie has been able to make the most of her limited opportunities to get in front of the lens; at Superpark 12, Jamie tackled the biggest jump ever hit by a girl as part of a double line! Check out Runway's See What I See (or every major contest podium this season) to catch more of SNOWBOARDER's 2008 Female Rider of the Year, Jamie Anderson.

DOB: 09.13.1990
MOUNTAIN: Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA
SPONSORS: Salomon, Billabong, Electric, Grenade, DVS,
Rockstar, Sierra-at-Tahoe,
STANCE: Regular

1st, X Games Slopestyle; 1st, New Zealand Open Halfpipe; 1st, New Zealand Open Slopestyle; 1st, Australian Open Slopestyle; 1st, European Open Slopestyle;

Runway Films' See What I See

"Best all around shredder, tons of podiums, and a punk rock attitude."– Danny Kass
"Good video parts, hits huge jumps, wins contests, likes to drink."– Peter Line