Photos have always been paramount to telling the story of snowboarding. Since SNOWBOARDER Magazine first hit newsstands, our use of photos has transitioned from articles in the print magazine, to just-happened-that-day online galleries, to the most portable form of in-your-hand-and-up-to-the-minute imagery on your smartphone. Instagram has allowed us to showcase compelling snowboarding shots year-round and multiple times a day, which means that even if you’re standing in line at the movies on a balmy July afternoon you can get a shot of powder to get you by despite winter being a few months away. And over the past few years, we’ve been stoked our audience has enjoyed our photos as much as we do, responding by hitting the “follow” button on @snowboardermag to check out the pictures taken by our staff Senior Photographers and other photogs we love that we post every day. This week, we hit 500,000 followers on Instagram–that’s a lot of snowboarders–and to celebrate this social media occasion, we have put together a gallery of some of our most popular photos in this Best of Instagram – 500k edition. Enjoy and for more, follow @snowboardermag.