Ride Machete

"A solid cruising board that was easy to turn and pretty forgiving."
-Lauren, Outdoor Divas
(Boulder, CO)

Lengths: 145, 148, 152, 155

Waist Widths: 23.80" (on the 148)

Base Material: 4000 Sintered

Core: Rhythm WH4 Core

Shape: Setback Twin (3/4" Back)

Flex (from 1-10): 5

MSRP: $499.00

"Good response. Soft and flexy, yet took all the chatter out of the choppy afternoon snow. It's like the Cadillac of snowboards, in my book."
-Gency, Eternal Snow
(Reno, NV)

Mammoth Mountain, CA, Stratton, VT, Mission Ridge, WA, Boyne Mountain, MI, Snowbasin, UT, and Keystone, CO played host to our on-hill investigation as we queried more than a hundred riders to find their picks from literally thousands of demoed models, and when the final votes were in, we whittled it down to the top three men's and the number-one women's ride. This is SNOWBOARDER Magazine's 2009 Best of Test Women’s #1, the K2 Eco-Pop. Get learned.

Gretchen Bleiler, Cover Girl Snow Angels Invitational, Aspen, CO. Photo: Huggy.

Gretchen Bleiler, Cover Girl Snow Angels Invitational, Aspen, CO. Photo: Huggy.

"It's got the Harsh Mellow in it, which makes a world of difference, and it's got a really shallow sidewall, so it was a totally new experience."
-Madison, Aspen Ski and Board (Columbus OH)

"The zero camber helped the deck ride like a super-soft/short jib-specific board, even though it's actually the stiffer board in the series. Great in the park, but I liked it best when I was bombing the groomers."

-Jenna, Kardoes (Golden, CO)

"It's a super-fun lightweight ride with enough stiffness to remain stable at high speeds and hold an edge, but light enough to maneuver quickly."
-Alysia, Outdoor Divas (Boulder, CO)

"The most fun board for all conditions. Super quick edge-to-edge, and great for groomers, powder, and playing in the park."

-Wendy, Boards-n-Motion (Auburn, CA)

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