Lib Tech TR CR2 Power Banana

"Powerful but poppy. Holds an edge and rides through crud, but still feels lively enough to take into the park." -Alex Kruse, Kings Beach, CA (Tahoe Dave's)

Lengths: 153, 157 blunty, 161.5, 164.5 pointy

Base Material: Sintered UHMW base

Core: H-POP wood alloy core

Shape: Perfect Twin

Flex (from 1-10): 7

MSRP: $539.00


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"Super-soft, super-fun, and super-sick. It just felt like I was riding my own board again."
James Jones, Owl, MI

Travis Rice Lib Tech

Travis Rice is arguably the best all-around rider on the planet. Maybe it's the banana between his legs. Maybe it's natural talent. Maybe it's both. At home in the Wyoming backcountry. Photo: Aaron Dodds.

SNOWBOARDER's 2011 Best of Test was full of surprises. With host resorts spanning the entire country–from Vermont to Washington and California to Michigan–the grid of on-snow demos kept us on the road, compiling all pertinent data as to determine which are the best snowboards for 2011. This is SNOWBOARDER Magazine's 2011 Best of Test Men's #2, the Lib Tech T. Rice C2 Power Banana. See the rest of the results here.

3 Reasons


Power Banana features Banana Tech rocker combined with camber at each end of the board. The new hybrid camber/rocker combination allows for extra pop, power, and tip-to-tail stability for critical lines, not-so-luxurious landings and terminal velocity takeoffs that T. Rice has become best known for both off-piste and in the park.


Banana "rocker between your feet" technology changes the traditional ski-based, one pressure point, camber snowboard design. Full edge contact is maintained, but the edge pressure is now focused between and at your feet, giving you better responsiveness in all conditions. Lib Tech pre-bends their boards into a more natural turning arc and the tips and tails are also less weighted for lift, deflection, and catch-free jibbing.


Conventional skis and snowboards have two contact points; Magne-Traction boards have seven. With Magne-Traction, if your two outside contact points lose grip, you will still have five more to share the burden of maintaining stability. Riding more like a skateboard and less like its snow-specific bretheren, Magne-Traction technology gives you better control and turn initiation from directly under your feet in any and all conditions.

Bode Merrill, Haines, AK, Photo: Oli Gagnon

Bode Merrill, Haines, AK, Photo: Oli Gagnon

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