K2 Fastplant Board

"I normally feel a bit wonky on reverse camber, but this was one of the few exceptions where I felt like I was putting in surfy snap turns and it wasn't washing out. Really damp underfoot, so there was no chatter on the eastern Washington hardpack."-Rich Carlton, Seattle, WA (Snowboard Connection)

Lengths: 151, 154, 156W, 157, 159W, 160, 162W

Base Material: 4000 Sintered

Core: BamBooyah™ Core

Shape: Twin Tip, Hyper Progressive

Flex (from 1-10): 6

MSRP: $499.95

Website: k2snowboarding.com

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"More fun than a Las Vegas strip club."-Steve Rosal, Vernon, NJ (McAfee Ski and Snowboard)

Tim Eddy K2

TIM EDDY pulls a fast one on the fastplant in ANCHORAGE, AK. PHOTO: MIKE YOSHIDA

SNOWBOARDER's 2011 Best of Test was full of surprises. With host resorts spanning the entire country–from Vermont to Washington and California to Michigan–the grid of on-snow demos kept us on the road, compiling all pertinent data as to determine which are the best snowboards for 2011. This is SNOWBOARDER Magazine's 2011 Best of Test Men's #3, the K2 Fastplant. See the rest of the results here.

3 Reasons

Bambooyah Indestructible Core

One of Mother Nature's most resilient resources is the foundation of the Fastplant's framework, making it one of the toughest boards on the planet. The Fastplant's 5-year warranty backs the Bambooyah core.

Jib Rocker

Rocker for jibbing? What will they think of next? K2 utilizes a small amount of jib-specific reverse camber, giving the Fastplant a softer feel on rails and boxes while still maintaining better float than normal cambered boards in the steep and deep.

Twin Tip Hyper Progressive Sidecut

An infinite number of different "radii" are blended together flawlessly, making K2's hyper progressive sidecut responsive enough for high-speed Euro carves yet forgiving enough to allow you to let loose on more jib-oriented features.

Bode Merrill, Haines, AK, Photo: Oli Gagnon

Bode Merrill, Haines, AK, Photo: Oli Gagnon

This content was pulled from SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s September 2010 issue is on newsstands now. Go to your local snowboard shop, bookstore, or download a copy today from Zinio.