Best Of The Launch 2008-2011: Videos

The Launch generation are the first wave of pro snowboarders to have every step of their riding journey digitally captured for instant recall. For these aspiring pro’s The Launch has provided a platform to progress alongside and bond with their peers outside of the competition arena. In turn Snowboarder has to not only watch them grow up, but as the case may be for X Games and video standouts, watch them blow up as well.

Check out these edits from previous Launch sessions dating back to Northstar At Tahoe in 2008 as well as the heli fueled antics at Keystone and Park City in later years. And stay tuned for new Launch coverage coming to you from Bear Mountain April 3rd-6th.

More Snowboarding Videos

The Launch 2008 – Northstar

The Launch 2009 – Keystone

The Launch 2010 – Keystone: Day 3

The Launch 2010 – Keystone: Day 4

The Launch 2011 – Park City: Day 2