Travis Rice and Cuty Morgan. Photo: Tim Zimmerman

Travis Rice and Cuty Morgan. Photo: Tim Zimmerman


Two years in the making, Brainfarm Productions' That's It, That's All was the most-anticipated snowboard film release not just of 2008, but of all time. Born out of a desire to build on the promise of 2005's The Community Project, That's It, That's All reunites two-time SNOWBOARDER Magazine Rider of the Year Travis Rice with alpine auteur and longtime friend Curt Morgan. Capitalizing on pre-recession funding, Brainfarm set out to document snowboarding on the grandest scale, utilizing technologically-advanced filming techniques in the most compelling locales. Matching the motion-capture in terms of skill and stature are the riders who made the marquee; from this very issue's Riders of the Year list are cameos by Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Müller, and Mark Landvik, as well as big-mountain Rider of the Year Jeremy Jones, and SNOWBOARDER's Most Influential Rider of the last twenty years, Terje Haakonsen. Add to that some of the best all-around riders in the game like Teton icon Bryan Iguchi, perennial powerhouses John Jackson, Eddie Wall, and Kyle Clancy, and newcomers Scotty Lago and Mark Carter, and you've got one hell of a cast. Despite this all-star ensemble, Travis Rice is unmistakably That's It, That's All's protagonist. From multi-directional double corks to timber- tapping twists to Last Frontier fractures, Travis's every move is captured from all angles in high definition. At just under an hour, this film is long by shred porn standards, yet That's It, That's All leaves viewers wanting more.

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"It is on a different level. If you don’t like it, you’re jealous. Bottom line!" – Devun Walsh

"It’s gonna be a while before it’s topped.” – Chad Otterstrom