The Bicycle Project—Creative Street Spots On Two Wheels

Every year or two there is a online project that just sticks with you. And although it is only September, it looks like it has already dropped. Featuring Emile Trifiro-Riendeau, Olivier Dion, Mammouth Durette, and Finn Westbury, brothers Emile and Philippe Trifiro -Riendeau put together a film project based around the construction of a bicycle trailer and spots they could reach in their own backyard. With the help of some friends, eco-conscious mindsets, and creative tricks at some psycho spots, Phil and Emile Trifiro-Riendeau present to you The Bicycle Project.

Filmed by: Emile Trifiro -Riendeau. Edited by: Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau. Boarder: Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau

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