Bode Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational

Bigger isn't necessarily better. Take skirts for example. It has been scientifically proven by gogo dancers and the female cast of The Jersey Shore that mini-skirts are the best type of skirt there is, far exceeding the pleated, poodle and hoop variety as the #1 type of skirt on earth. Though we can't prove that Bode Merrill looked up any skirts when he was researching the options for his own namesake event, the perversion of halfpipe that he has conjured for the first annual Bode Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational is sure to satisfy the most depraved U-tube stalkers. The High Cascade Snowboard Camp lane is the place to be July 29th and 30th, 2012 as Bode Merrill invites the world's top transition riding talents to test themselves in this one-of-a-kind contest. The Bode Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational is already being billed as the opening act for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. An HCSC camper contest is set for the 29th and open to the first 20 registrants while the invited über pros take to the trannys at 10am sharp on the 30th. With High Cascade's award winning digger crew set to judge the contest both style and trickery will be gauged to determine who is the biggest deal when it comes to mini pipes. The Bode Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational is being made possible with support from Salomon, Bonfire, Skullcandy, Anon, SNOWBOARDER Magazine and ironically, LRG.