Bode Merrill Full Part: I Ride Park City

Bode Merrill is one of the most prolific riders of a new generation that isn't confined to one type or style of riding, and he's leading the charge in the freestyle flock that's currently taking the reins from the old guard. We had a chance to ask Bode a few questions about the park where practice makes perfect, Park City, Utah. Take a minute to hear what Bode has to say and check out his edit from a season of sessioning one of the best parks in the world. – T. Bird

Why do you ride Park City?

It's the shit. It has the best parks that are maintained really well and good upper terrain when it's deep. Plus there's Cobra Dogs!

How many Cobra Dogs will you consume in one day at Park City?

One when I arrive, and one when I leave.

If you could pick one feature at Park City to session, what would it be and why?

The new Merrill Mini Pipe that's going to be up there this year! Thanks to Jeremy Cooper and the rest of the Park City crew for hooking that up!

Who is your crew to go lap the park with up there?

Timmy Ronan, S.C.O.T.T, the changethattape crew, Littlest, Matty Mo, Beresford… There's always so many homeys up there.

Are there any young kids coming out of Park City right now that you’re especially hyped on?

I’m really psyched on the Lick the Cat crew. All those kids are so talented and make hilarious videos. Also Ozzy Henning is really fun to watch lap the park.

What's it like to shoot with legendary lensman Rob Mathis?

It’s awesome. He is so mellow to work with. No pressure and always gets the shot!

What's the nightlife like in Park City?

I saw Mickey Avalon up there a few months ago. It was filthy…

Lastly, how many hoach, Bode?

All the hoach.