Bode Merrill Full Part—Melodrama

The high school football-star-turned-pro-snowboarder Bode Merrill comes in at a whopping 6’3″. If you multiply those numbers together and take away four or five, you would wind up with the number of parts he has put out in his chosen career path.

But what if he didn’t take that road? What if he stuck with football and played for his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers? With the new trend of jumping over players seeming to pop up in the NFL highlights every week, we can only assume Bode Miller Flipping over lineman would catapult him into superstardom on every stadium he stepped into. What could have been?

He kind of is the OBJ of snowboarding, but instead of one-handed catches, it is one-footed hammers. Luckily for us, Bode chose snowboarding… and with support from Salomon and his sponsors this past season set out to make a movie with Jon Stark and a handful of younger riders based more around travel than parts. Contradicting that fact is his full part from the movie above, but with the shortening of attention spans and the constant hunger of the internet, the kind crew behind Melodrama boiled down the action of each rider’s season to highlight everything that went down. So there it is. Football or not, Bode is still making highlight reels. He was always destined for greatness. And in snowboarding, nobody tests for performance enhancing drugs.

(Editor’s Note: We have not tested Bode for PEDs, but we can’t figure how else has he been this good for this long!)

If you haven’t seen the entire movie yet, we suggest you watch Melodrama in full here.

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