Bone Zone A.D. – full movie

words: Bundyvision

The preseason is a time when you'll have some of your best days out of the whole winter. The stoke level is high – you know that snow is on its way. You start seeing friends again that you haven't seen since last winter. The desire for new tricks and winter plans takes over your mind at all times. Luckily for us, we've always had a place where all of these thoughts and things were catered to: the Bone Zone had everything. We had every feature we could think of, and if we hadn't thought of it yet, we could build it. Community-owned tools allowed for everyone to join together and create something everyone could enjoy on a day-to-day basis. The creative pool of minds that worked together created a DIY-attitude that couldn't be topped. Feeling those early season jitters? Maybe just not feeling it that day? That’s fine, because the fire pit was ripping at all times. A fire that never went out, and you'd never sit down by yourself; could be some extra hot dogs, or maybe someone's even making burritos. Deadlung is probably rolling up some dizzy sticks, and Sleepy Dave definitely brought some extra beers. At the same time, Alex Andrews is showing the Under Dawgs how to swing an axe. The community aspect at the Bone Zone was unreal.

And now our zone is gone. We had always known it would happen someday, but kept that thought at the back of our minds. It was a harsh reality on Sunday, when Alex and I were driving up early; just like we would any other morning. We had heard about Cops lingering in the area the night before, but had seen that before and didn't think much about it. We got the call on our way up from the dudes who drove up earlier. Shovels and broken tools left on the trail on the way up was an immediate giveaway. We then got the word that most of the logs were chainsawed in half, including all of the big stuff like the quarter pipe, the cabin zone, and the new yet-to-be-ridden wall ride. Since the cops didn't go up there until almost dark, there was no way they had time to get everything. So we got to work and immediately salvaged everything we could.  The rails needed to get outta there, and any tools or shovels that weren't taken needed to leave with everyone that day. It felt sketchy to be there still, but we knew they were coming back to finish the job. After a full clean up and a farewell bonfire, we said our goodbyes to the zone.

And we were right, the cops went back. They finished cutting all of the logs they ran out of time for, and even cut down logs they cut the day before into smaller pieces.  They found some of the rails we temporarily hid, and made sure we couldn't use them again. Alright guys, we got the point. You didn't want us to snowboard there anymore…

There were a lot of people who visited the Bone Zone. But some of us practically lived up there for the first few months of the last couple winters. We literally had housing up there for pete's sake.  It was pretty hard realizing we couldn't go snowboard at our spot this past week. It was such a part of our lives that we didn't know what to do. We had put in so many hours at that place that it was more routine to go there than most other things in our lives. It's really funny to say this about a snowboard spot–I've found myself laughing about how this place turned into such a big deal for us. But for some of us, like myself, it was what we looked forward to for most of the year.

The videos that we came out with were a big part of the zone. It was basically practice for filming throughout the winter. You could try and see what a new trick looks like, or how certain things work with the filming process. If you had an idea or want to film something, you could just make it happen. There were always people to help and to join. And it was such a tight-knit community up there that we knew what people were doing day-to-day, so progression came quick. It was a really fun way to make edits and get into the swing of filming for videos. This year was obviously a lot different. There's only so much you can film before it really starts snowing, so we weren't able to get nearly as much. We were just getting into the swing of things at this point.

So here's what we got. About a week of filming total, spread throughout the first few weeks of our winter. I could probably talk for a while about the Bone Zone and what it meant to us, but ill stop here for now. Thanks to everyone that came up, boarded, helped build, filmed, and stoked the fire. There were a lot of times that won't be forgotten. And just so y'all know, that spot may be gone, but the Bone Zone never dies…

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