November at Bone Zone Brighton…

“It’s Free. No, you don’t have to pay. Chairlifts? No, We don’t need those. You just gotta get into shape. Early Season. You Hike! Isn’t That Crazy??”

Thanks to everyone who came to the zone and made November one of the most fun months to ride a snowboard in a long time.

Featuring Ted Borland, Matt Bernard, Trevor Eichelberger, Andrew Aldridge, Mike Rav, Gravedigger, Christian Buling, Spencer Schubert, Durrell Williams, Jordan Morse, Jeff Holce, Will Steller, Marcus Rand, Jesse Gouveia, Max Tokunaga, Ben Strause, Drew Elm, Christian Sparks, Sam Taxwood, Alex Cato, Ozzy Henning, Ben Bilodeau, Pete Cimmino, and Alex Andrews.

Filmed and edited by Colton Morgan with additional filming by Seamus Foster, Beef, Tom Haraden, Brendan Barry, Cole Taylor, Ted Borland, and Alex Andrews.