That's one long box... 200 feet to be exact.

Words: T. Bird

Mervin Manufacturing has cut their teeth in the industry as a brand that consistently looks at things differently. Whether it be their board shapes, graphics, and overall ideology of all things weird, their Boxes For Days events held across the country are no exception.

Emcee Jesse Burtner hosted the Copper stop and the man behind the scenes, Mervin’s Global Events Director Krush Kulesza was also on hand to oversee the session. Here’s how it works. Copper raids their park, compiling all of their boxes and simply places them all in a row. Be it rainbow or flat, it’s all in play and when it’s all said and done, what lay before the contestants is a 200 foot long behemoth and the first rider to make it all the way to the end wins a brand new Lib Tech Skate Banana. Basically, it’s simple, fun, and entertaining to watch, as the riders approaches vary. Some like to come in hot, while others choose to creep into the setup.

Boxes For Days Copper 004

Copper's terrain park manager not afraid to test out his own creation.

These grassroots events are imperative to any brand’s growth and Mervin seems to understand that very well. “It’s a non-stress grassroots event that takes normal boxes and makes them rad. The same boxes you hit 1,000 times in a new setup. It’s a new way of looking at it,” says Krush as one of the handful of contestants passes the halfway mark of the setup. Jason George, the head of Copper’s insane terrain parks says, “It’s super low key. This is for the kids. This is why we decided to do it. For the kids.” If that doesn’t stoke you out enough to check out Copper, I don’t know what will.

Boxes For Days Copper 013All afternoon, the riders tried their hand at making it to the end. My personal favorite was “Lib Tech Jake.” He strayed from the usual approach, locking into one-footers, boardslides and 50-50s and making it farther than most.

When all was said and done, Krush and Burtner announced that the person who slid it the longest would take home the Skate Banana. With Krush marking the farthest spot, the winner was Tim Watrous and the event came to an end.

Boxes For Days Copper 015

Emcee Jesse Burtner

If Boxes for Days happens to come to a mountain town near you any time soon, be sure to check it out. It’s free, you’ll get product, and session a really fun feature. Go to for all the Boxes for Days dates.

Boxes For Days Copper 016

The man behind the scenes in front of the lens, Krush Kulesza.

Boxes For Days Copper 021

Jason George coming into the sketchiest part of the setup, the "bloody rainbow".

Boxes For Days Copper 024

The winner, Tim Watrous, on his way to victory.

Boxes For Days Copper 026

Our marketing manager, Drew Amer, clearing level one.

Boxes For Days Copper 027

Taking a sticker job to the next level, Fish Head.

Boxes For Days Copper 033


Boxes For Days Copper 050

The most difficult part of the setup, "The Compression Session". Rainbow box right into an uphill pyramid.

Boxes For Days Copper 056


Boxes For Days Copper 057

The winner Tim Watrous with his new Lib Tech Skate Banana and the guys behind the event, Krush and Burtner.