Boxes For Days: Waterville Valley

This Jersey Shore fan thought it was t-shirt time.

Words & Photos: Mike Azevedo

Boxes For Days at Waterville Valley was one of the most fun contests I have ever been asked to cover. The park staff at Waterville put together a rollercoaster ride of box that the kids couldn't help but huck themselves down. Competitors had to prove themselves on the small box before they could attempt the long ride.

Eastern Boarder's favorite nice guy Tommy J showed up to announce the swim contest.

It was local wildcard James Frawley to be the first to master the lexan turnpike winning himself a brand new Park Pickle. The others began to catch the hang of it and started racking up points for each time they completed the line of boxes. There were plenty of zeach's and even a few combo'd into scorpions but Robert Conners was the only one to make it sideways through the whole thing. Even though he was completely out of control spinning like a saucer through the 2nd half we'll still give it to him.

This guy put a little extra cheese on the taco.

The crowd cheered for the makes and cringed at the slams but when it was all said and done Parker Szumowski took home the victory. This little ginger managed to make it to the end a whopping total of 5 times narrowly edging out Andrew Aarronson. Overall it was a very fun filled and entertaining day at the valley. I'd like to thank Krush Kulesza, Luke Mathison and the Waterville park staff, Eastern Boarder, Coal, Gnu and Lib tech for putting on a great event.

This rad dad will be calling in sick on Monday after this slam.

James Frawley making first decent to the end of the box.

He'll give ya a nickel to tickle his pickle. Krush presents James with his earnings.

Timmy Ronan showed up to give it a shot. Blown ACL and all.

Robert Conners trying to get it in on the hugest box he's ever seen in real life.

Whoops, Frawley having a tough time with the short guy. I guess he prefers the long ones.

That guy John shows us his best Darrah Reid impression. It's pretty spot on.

Ben Borgart came out just to try and one up Timmy Ronan.

Flail master Bobby Boardslide took it to the air and failed miserably.

Is that Simon Chamberlain? Nope it's Parker zeaching his way to victory. Blog it.

The shirtless wonder with a big mike tribute here giving everyone a boarslide clinic. Tommy J had the questionable comment of the day stating he was ‘down for this guys chest hair’.

Colin Hart trying to ffz his way down the whole box.

The official standings. Luke tried to get all you viewers Ryan Stephany's phone number. So I guess instead for a good time Facebook him.

A freckled fellow and his prize. Gingerly winning it all, Parker Szumowski.