Breckenridge Dew Tour Halfpipe Final Results

Danny Davis hanging with his fans

Danny Davis hanging with his fans

While plenty of riders pussed out claiming they were saving themselves for the road to Vancouver or that Breckenridge's 18 foot pipe was inferior to the 22 footers displayed at the X-Games and Open Series events, those who did make the start at the first Dew Tour of the season still put on one hell of a show.

The cold temps that have plagued Colorado for much of this early season gave way to sunny skies for Saturday's finals. With several world class contenders not competing, the women's event gave plenty of opportunities for other competitors to shine. The American halfpipe dominance we saw a week earlier at the Copper Grand Prix was on hold as three foreigners, Spain's Queralt Castellet, Canada's Sarah Conrad and Norway's Kjersti Buass landed in 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

On the men's side the Americans faired much better. Salt Lake City Olmpic bronze medalist and Summit County local JJ Thomas continued his stellar comeback season by setting down his patented backside 900's on the first hit for third place. Second went to the Rueben of riding, the one part Swiss and one part Russian, Iori Podlachikov. Though on paper it might sound like some sketchy favoritism considering he is the poster boy for two of the events title sponsors, Totinos and Mtn. Dew, Highland Michigan's Danny Davis had this event in the bag from his first drop. It was Danny's Cab 10 2x cork right out of the gate on both runs that earned him not only first place but also a score of 96.5 which is the highest score ever awarded in a Dew Tour Halfpipe event. And he deserved it!

Double corks are quickly playing out as the game changers that many predicted them to be. The only thing that is keeping double corks from sweeping podiums is untimely falls. This means that without a double cork a rider needs to not only spin more, go higher, and stomp everything perfectly, they also need to get lucky and by that I mean they have to hope for the rest of the field to take a dive. In turn 1080's, and back to back 900's, once the decisive moves in a riders arsenal are the bangers on runs that are looking increasingly stock. Fifteen points can separate a solid run with a 2x cork from one without.

2010 Breckenridge Dew Tour Halfpipe Results

Breckenridge, CO – Dec 19, 2009

1. Danny Davis
2. Iori Podlachikov
3. JJ Thomas
4. Mason Aguirre
5. Steve Fisher
6. Zach Black
7. Iikka Laari
8. Fredrik Austbo
9. Roger Kleivdal
10. Janne Korpi

1. Queralt Castellet
2. Sarah Conrad
3. Kjersti Buass
4. Kelly Marren
5. Elena Hight
6. Kaitlyn Farrington