Bright Ideas conveys a notion of Brighton’s enigmatic ability to spur creativity and trigger euphoria. It’s just as much of a muse as it is a mountain. It’s rumored that Michelangelo used to take morning Milly laps before going to work on the Sistine Chapel. It’s also been said that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb just hours after passing the entire day getting waist-deep turns on Great Western. While these claims might just be nothing more than unfounded hearsay, it’s evident that Alex Cato, Jeff Holce, Gravedigger, Jon Overson, Erik Overson, Mike Ravelson, Christian Buliung, Evan Drage, J-stone, Logan Griffith, Sean Whitaker, and Andrew Aldridge all glean ample inspiration whenever their edges plunge into Brighton’s divine snowpack. While some may be inclined to declaim all snowboard edits as different expressions of the same concept, smacking of originality, Bright Idea propounds a convincing argument to the contrary. Filmed by Seamus Foster.