Ahh, it’s time again for a Brighton Broadcast and not a minute too soon. We were beginning to wonder what the kids behind the gymnasium were doing. In Brighton Broadcast 3: Peer Pressure, the crew at Brighton impresses with their pressing, as well as a plethora of 270s, skate-inspired lines, and creative carves. This isn’t the kind of peer pressure your D.A.R.E. officer warned you about, even though watching this video will definitely have you jonsing for a few lines of your own. Park lines, that it. So sit back and enjoy the Brighton Resort boarding, from the opening clips of Jesse Paul to the creativity of Ben Bilodeau, to the body slappies of Spencer Schubert and finally Treyson Allen’s no-pressure ender where he goes ham on the down-donkey-down and down-donkey, and much more. Featuring Jesse Paul, Blake Geis, Ben Bilodeau, Makalu Arnald, Jamie Orkin, Erik Overson, Jon Overson, Matt Bernard, Ryan Lanham, Christian Hobush, Sean Whitaker, Stefan Salisbury, Spencer Schubert, and Treyson Allen.