While in general, doctors recommend at least thirty minutes of exercise a day for your health, we’re far less demanding and only prescribe that you watch three minutes of shredding at Utah’s Brighton Resort in order to increase serotonin supplies by living vicariously though powder shots and transition trickery. In episode 2 of Brighton Broadcast, there’s an epidemic of fresh snow and Alex Andrews, Chris Brewster, Drew Perni, Ben Strause, Jesse Gouveia, Max Tokunaga, Trevor Brady, Jeff Richards, Josiah Goekecke, Jeff Hopkins, and Ben Bogart are forced to forgo inoculation and instead tear up the mountainside. Armed with a set of lights and fresh waxes, the crew heads on hill after hours and takes it to Brighton’s jibs and newly-pushed snow features, providing proof that getting sick doesn’t always mean being under the weather. Enjoy Brighton Broadcast – Broadcast 2: For Your Health.

Filmed by Mia Lambson and Seamus Foster. Watch more from Brighton.