The planets have aligned over the Wasatch Mountains. There’s plenty of snow, a hardworking park crew, and the terrain is prime, making Brighton Resort a mecca of jib-savvy ladies. The level of talent from the boarders of the fairer sex at Brighton is heading into mental territory currently with ladies like Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, Corinne Pasela and more making casually technical laps a staple on the daily. It’s messed. Brighton filmer Pat Sarnacki has been stacking footage of these girls in their natural habitat and the outcome is Brighton Femme, a web edit series with some of the best ladies in bounds riding to date. Episode 1 was killer and the newest edition, which you can watch above, is even better. So get off Tinder, the only chicks worth swiping right for are featured in the above clips, though they’re too busy stomping frontlips and 270s to bother chatting you up. Featuring Jill Perkins, Taylor Elliot, Kendel Elliot, Sam Kolesky, Nirvana Ortanez, Grace Mayernik, Mary Rand, Danika Duffy, Madison Blackley, and Laura Rogoski.