Brighton Femme – Episode One

Remember Rosie the Riveter, that stout, pipe-armed dame of ladylike ruggedness? Well, Rosie ain’t got nothing on the ladies of Brighton Femme. Corinne Pasela, Madison Blackley, Nirvana Ortanez, Laura Rogoski, and Jill Perkins all have riding abilities that hit you right in your machismo. Our heroines have made Brighton their park riding haven, a place to sharpen audacity, evolve their riding, and outmaneuver many a dude. For real, all of Brighton Femme’s females have cultivated a radiant knack for piloting snowboards. When it comes to standing sideways, they know how to dazzle. While back 270s and half cab nose presses are tricks of notorious difficulty, such fare is chump change to these chicks. Stay tuned for episode two!

Shot and edited by Pat Sarnacki.
Femme design by Alec Aja.