Brighton Opening Weekend 14

Team managers, buyers, statistic fanatics, and kids in the collage….this one is for you.........If you'd like the hi-res, send me an email……..

All Words & Photos: SKS (Sean Kerrick Sullivan)

Brighton Resort is a quintessential snowboarder's mountain. Fun park features that change on a daily basis, freeride terrain that rivals the worlds most fun waves and skate parks, and such sick backcountry access that you can go "Deeper-er", easi-er.

Brighton Opening Weekend 01

The night before Brighton opening.

When you read this, Brighton will have been open for at least 5 days. One of those days was pretty much bluebird, and the rest experienced wintery weather, which only contributed to the healthy pre-season snow depths. Rather than use this space to name drop and give a trick by trick, I'll just give you a few highlights from those 5 days.

Brighton Opening Weekend 02


Early birds were treated to free helicopter rides to the untracked goods. Every park trick ever invented was landed in The Truth Terrain Park, switch. Warm blankets, flasks, and waterproof copies of the newest SNOWBOARDER Magazine were provided for each chairlift ride. 71.5 new tricks were invented. An estimated 14,000 IPL's (inbound pow landings) were clocked by first year locals. 3,954 first time beginners learned to ride, were doing frontside boardslides by lunch, and sponsored head-to-toe by 4pm.

I love Brighton.

Brighton Opening Weekend 03

Pre-Season style. I thought it was cool Jared Winker/Brighton was giving out comp passes to ease pressure in the line to pick up season passes.

Brighton Opening Weekend 04

Brandon Hobush, ambasidatin. Verb: am·bas·a·da ·tin' (am-bas-uh-dey-tin) The act of welcoming and providing inside knowledge to snowboaders at a resort, but in a manner that is all chill and smooth-like.

Brighton Opening Weekend 05


Brighton Opening Weekend 07

MFM cracking the seal on a brand new winter.

Brighton Opening Weekend 09

Cameron Pierce.

Brighton Opening Weekend 08

Dylan Thompson.

Brighton Opening Weekend 12

Stevie Bell.

Brighton Opening Weekend 10

Parker Duke.

Brighton Opening Weekend 13

Technine Ams and BFF's playing follow the leader in some questionable snow conditions.

Brighton Opening Weekend 15

November 13 - Dylan Thompson was on the mound throwing curveballs to Cole Taylor for the next FODT movie. We also found a cold little shrew.

Brighton Opening Weekend 17


Brighton Opening Weekend 16

Pre-season error style affects rippers too. Brandon Hobush.

Brighton Opening Weekend 18

Brighton and Solitude viewed from Guardsman's Pass.

Brighton Opening Weekend 19

If methods were hi-5's this one would sting, a lot. Parker Duke.