Like a symphonic visual synopsis of the start of the season at Brighton Resort, Bright Beginnings is the prelude to what looks like a hell of a winter. Lensman Seamus Foster has had a finger consistently on the red button since the mountain opened and with plenty of new snow and a prime early season park, the crew of Utah locals has been throwing down both in the park and along the groomers. In an eight-minute opus, Sam Taxwood, Mike Rav, Alex Cato, Chris Grenier, Christian Builing, Jon and Erik Overson and many more take the viewer through the many nooks and crannies of epic snowboarding that Brighton offers, varied terrain which perfectly matches the creativity of the mountain’s clientele as the crew decimates both man-made and natural features all over the hill. With this first showing of what’s going to emerge from Brighton this season, we eagerly await the second drop. Enjoy.

Featuring Mike Rav, Christian Builing, Gravedigger, Alex Cato, Mike Bogs, Erik Overson, Matt Bernard, Sean Whitaker, Tucker Brown, Jon Overson, Ryan Lanham, Jack Dawe, Alex “Littlest” Sherman, Pat Moore, Chris Grenier, Peter Cerulo, Sam Taxwood, Trevor Eichelberger, and Jacob Krugmire. Filmed by Seamus Foster.