DOB: 9.11.83

Board: Nitro Pro One-Off Brian Fox

Home Mountain: SkiBowl, OR

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Nitro, Quiksilver, Active, DAKINE, Volcano Cones

Top Results: 42nd, 2009 Baker Banked Slalom


Let's be very clear about one thing. Bryan Fox doesn't do contests. Ironically, when Fox is strapped in above the Chinese Downhill lane at America's Next Top Pro Model, there will be no contest. As snowboarding's American Badass, B. Fox lives fast and flies his colors with pride, so it's no doubt that this So Cal native-turned-Northwest thrasher will be looking to leave the rest of the field red, white, black and blue.

Bryan Fox, Bachelor. Photo: Espen Lystad

Bryan Fox, Bachelor. Photo: Espen Lystad