Words: Jacob T Weber

32 competitors took to the slopes of Bear Mountain as the Burton Am series hit its second stop. If there is a small bit of wisdom you retain from my ramblings on this fabulous contest it should be this people…. sun block. You’ve got to remember your sunblock people. No matter how radical one intends to get, it is important to maintain ones youthful appearance and keep yourself protected. My face still hurts and I’m betting skin cancer sucks. What are you going to do without skin? The answer is nothing folks. But back to the dude ditch and the aforementioned competitors and their performance in said ditch.


“But back to the dude ditch and the aforementioned competitors and their performance in said ditch.”

Bear Mountain put together a great superpipe and the competitors took full advantage. Nicolas Sibayan dominated the men’s qualifiers with massive front 9s and looked to waltz into 750 dollar bills and a spot in the US Open. But as one finds out as they progress through life, the story doesn’t always pan out the way one would think. So as Sibayan faltered in the finals, falling on both runs, and Casey Pletz stayed consistent all day, the story changed. Casey, with back to back 5s linked to back to back 7s, took the finals definitively. Garrett Weinert and Wisconsinite Colin Tucker both showed off some serious trickery of their own and took respective spots on the podium putting some sweet dollar bills in their pockets courtesy of Burton and our lovely sponsors Amp Energy Drink and SNOWBOARDER Mag. The best trick of the day and 250 bones went to Sibayan and those front 9s I mentioned before.

The ladies were getting all kinds of awesome as well. In the end Jesse Huege took the podium as well as the best trick award with some seriously classy front 5s. Jenna Dramise and Allyson Carroll were close behind and crammed some big plastic checks into their bags before heading home. It was a pleasure to see as many ladies turn up as men and I have a sneaking suspicion that this maybe a trend that will continue in the halfpipe competitions to come.

All in all it was a great day and Bear Mountain and its park staff were, for the third year in a row, supremely gracious hosts. Thanks to Greg and Dan and all the dudes for going the extra mile. Burton Am Series, Amp Energy drink and SNOWBOARDER Mag see you at the slopestyle shred down.

Burton Am Series 2010: Bear Mtn Men’s Halfpipe Results
1. Casey Pletz
2. Garrett Weinert
3. Colin Tucker
Best Trick: Nicolas Sibayan; massive frontside 9

Burton Am Series 2010: Bear Mtn Women’s Halfpipe Results
1. Jesse Huege
2. Jenna Dramise
3. Allyson Carroll
Best Trick: Jesse Huege; Front 5 indy