Burton Am Series 2010: Bear Mtn Slopestyle

Words: Jacob T Weber


“The Burton Am Series is a never say die kind of operation.”

Yesterday I was preaching the importance of sunblock, and I still stand by said recommendation, but now I must add some sort of wind defense system to my list of must haves. It may have yet to be invented, so I charge all those out there smarter then me with the task of creating it. The forecast called for snow, which is probably still falling in its cement like sheets as I write, but they forgot to tell us that along with snow at Bear Mtn may also come 1. rain 2. sunshine (for a brief second) 3. sleet and 4. 70 mph wind gusts. You know the kind that rip some aluminum framed tents in half and send Amp wind flags flying into the stratosphere. If I had a little more emo in me, I would have pulled out my video camera and made some sort of artistic statement about the beauty of it dancing with me, just hanging in the sky ala American Beauty. But because I was to busy clutching desperately to the roof of the judges tent so it to didn’t take flight, I missed the magical moment. It was a crazy day to hold a slopestyle contest, but the Burton Am Series is a never say die kind of operation. Come rain, shine, snow or wind we’re going to go out there and give it a shot.

Although we may give it the old college try, sometimes lovely Ms. Mother Nature will win out none the less and after a hard fought morning we finally succumbed to her undeniable superiority. When the snow started falling in large enough quantities to white out the top of the course and a mighty wind took out the power to the majority of Bib Bear Lake, including the chairlifts, it was time to call it a day. But before that happened some outstanding snowboarding went down.

Two heats of gentlemen received their qualifying runs and we took the best score to decide our victor. Nicholas Sibayan dominated the first heat with solid rail work and a very serious backside 9 tail that grabbed him best trick honors for the second day in a row. But once again the top spot eluded young Sibayan as the reigning Bear Mtn Am Series champ, Danny Tourmarkin, took to the snow. Now this maybe a tall tale but really who doesn’t like a tall tale now and again. I was told that Danny didn’t take any practice runs and his contest run was his first of the day. If true, it makes the front nine that he launched in to space that much more ridiculous. None the less it was his second run that took the 750 dollars and ran. The entire day was filled with impressive snow slapping. Both Christian Mares and Mark Reininga had standout performances.

Ms. Mother Nature took most advantage of her fellow ladies. Leaving us with only one run apiece from our female competitors to decide our winner. It was a tough run at that. With near white-out conditions and very serious speed issues it was nearly impossible for these ladies to put together a solid run. When our one-run, super final was over, Ashley Wendorf was standing a top the ladies podium 750 bones richer and Kumara Kelley, winner of stop one in Mt Hood, with a sweet front 3 took 500 dollar bills and 2nd place. Bryn Valaika rounded out the field with a well put together run. Elin Tortorice won best trick with by far the largest air of the day. She would have made the podium if not for a fall later in her run.

Thanks to our sponsors as always, Amp Energy drink and SNOWBOARDER Magazine. And a very special thanks to the Bear staff, despite some very unforgiving conditions we still managed to put on a pretty good show. See all you all next year. Thanks for coming out.

Burton Am Series 2010: Bear Mtn Men’s Slopestyle Results:

1. Danny Tourmarkin
2. Nicholas Sibayan
3. Christian Mares
Best Trick: Nicholas Sibayan; back 9 tail

Burton Am Series 2010: Bear Mtn Women’s Slopestyle Results:

1. Ashley Wendorf
2. Kumara Kelley
3. Bryn Valaika
Best Trick: Elin Tortorice pronounced (tor-toe-ree-see); massive backside 3 and I mean so big it scared me a little bit. Thought she may hurt herself… but stomped the living daylights out of it.