Words: Jacob T Weber

Day two of the Burton Am Series, brought to you by SNOWBOARDER Magazine and Amp Energy Drink here at Mt. Hood Meadows and it was only getting better. Another early morning for everyone involved, battling the elements to get this show up and running. Mt. Hood has been getting a lot more rain then snow as of late so the back breaking labor put in to have a pipe, any pipe, finished was definitely appreciated. They worked through the night to get the pipe open for us and it turned out to be 250ft of 15ft awesomeness. The Vista Pipe is located almost above the tree line at Mt. Hood and offers a view that blows you away with its high level of radical and all the riding that went down in said pipe did the very same.

The 12 ladies that joined us tore up the jam session format all afternoon. Clean spins and sweet grabs went down and I celebrate all of them. Katie Williams brought her fresh, oh yeah I did say fresh; I’m bring it back… that and mint, 540 from the slopestyle party straight into the pipe and took the top qualifying spot and rode it all the way to the top of the podium. Raelynd Tarnove and Ashley Thorton put together clean runs and made themselves some dollar bills.


The 14 dudes jammed the pipe in their own session and things got serious. Johnny Malanga was sending the biggest airs of the day for sure and Matt Guess put together by far the most technical runs of the afternoon with Crippler 7 truckdrivers to switch front 9s. But some hand drags and minor slip ups in the finals left the door open for young Ben Ferguson to take the top spot. With a flawless McTwist to front 9 combo he took the 750 dollar bills and qualifying spot in the US Open.

Again it was a beautiful contest and we couldn’t have put it together without the radical folks at Mt. Hood Meadows. There are still spots available at our Bear stop on MLK day. So pack your bags and make your way to So Cal. Thanks to SNOWBOARDER Magazine and Amp Energy for helping us put this together and everyone who came out to the event.

Burton Am Series 2010 Mt Hood Meadows Men’s Halfpipe Results:
1. Ben Ferguson
2. Johnny Malanga
3. Matt Guess
Best Trick: Matt Guess – Crippler 720 Truckdriver

Burton Am Series 2010 Mt Hood Meadows Women’s Halfpipe Results:
1. Katie Williams
2. Raelynd Tarnove
3. Ashley Thorton
Best Trick: Niki Kole – Ally Oop hand plant