Photo: TJ Breslin

Photo: TJ Breslin

Words: Jacob T Weber

Burton Am Series our second day at Northstar… and oh what a day it was to keep it fast and loose. And if you are going to have any luck in the dude tube that’s the only way you can keep it. We only lit one pair of pants on fire the night before. So like Ice Cube I knew today was going to be a good day. The sun was out and shining and we were blessed to be right in the mix mid mountain at Northstar with the Burton Super Demo tour. When young David and Matthew “Dan Marino” Motors are making guest appearances on the mic and Tom Jim is shooting a few photos and a lot of snuff, you know life is good.

No matter that we had one of our smallest superpipe turn outs to date. We had some Amped up spectators, a ton of good vibes and everything went off without a hitch. 8 ladies and 6 gentlemen took to the stunt ditch. We had everything from first year shredders, Juan Martin Morteo was slashing the shit out of the pipe and got my vote for best trick with a power slash to slash combo, to 11 year old Joshua Douglas throwing backside 900s, to seasoned veterans showing up late and just plain old killing it.

“With a rarely seen Michaelchuck on his first hit to crippler he took the top spot”

With the small field we again decided to alter our format to an all final 45 minute jam session per gender. Rick Millet seemed to be a shew in for the top spot throwing front 9’s on the first hit and 5’s and 7’s all over the walls. But 10 minutes into jam session out of the ether, Northstar local James Bromfield appeared with his army of midgets (young kids he coaches) and commenced killing it. With a rarely seen Michaelchuck on his first hit to crippler he took the top spot and the best trick honors. He netted himself a G overall and the cash needed to fix his whip. Young Austen Butler came in a strong third with a corked out 5 and a Mctwist. The ladies had some fun as well and for the second day in a row in her flashy pants and winning smile Danika Duffy took the podium. Erica Montgmery was a close second but Danika’s amplitude was just a bit higher thus keeping her scores just a bit higher.

Overall Northstar was a fantastical time. Both the super pipe and slopestyle course were some of the best we’ve seen and the park crew were out there keeping them dialed in all day long. Thanks to all of the staff and especially to Nick for being on hill at 6a helping load the cat and hauling our sorry asses up the hill. As always thanks to Snowboarder Mag and Amp Energy Drink for putting this show on the road. High fives to everyone and thanks for coming out.


Mens Halfpipe:
1. James Bromfeld
2. Rick Millet
3. Austen Butler
Best Trick: MichealChuck


Womens Halfpipe:
1. Danika Duffy
2. Erica Montgomery
3. Lucyann Murray
Best Trick: Erica Montgomery