Photo: TJ Breslin

Photo: TJ Breslin

Words: Jacob T Weber

I recommend you take a page out of Tom Jim Breslin’s book and when the dealer asks you how you want your hundred broken up, you look her crooked in the eye and say “One chip”. Put that ish down on red, double up and walk out the front door. That’s how we do it on the Burton Am Series and that’s how it should be done in life. With last years slopestyle champ Mr. Danny Toumarkine and his brother Conner opting to work with us on the darkside of the contest life, all bets were off at the Northstar-at-Tahoe Slopestyle event and the money and the title were up for grabs.


“Widen the stance, lower your pants, and do the dance.”

Northstar was our first full field, actually 11 short of full but close enough. We had 22 women and 57 men take to the slopes and every rider came out and did their thing. The weather was marginal, the course was magical, and the inverts were outlawed; full DQ for anyone going heels over head. But that didn’t stop people from throwing it down.  The course was simple yet well executed; rail, rail, jump, jump and provided the contestants with ample opportunity to empty their trick baggage. All day folks were going fast and taking chances. Which for all you little tykes out there is a life lesson to take to heart; just remember to widen the stance, lower your pants, and do the dance. Johnny Brady was our top qualifier and took some unreal chances in the finals going for a ridiculous 1080 late cork. 5 more feet of jump and he would have put it down. Jordan Neild did just that and found himself 250 dollar bills richer for his best trick, back rodeo 9 hundo. When it came down to it though Nick Geisen and Micheal Goldschmidt set down some legit runs and took the 2nd and 3rd place spots. Bobby Witty took the top spot on the podium with some serious rail trickery and a frontside 7 double tail to backside 9, getting himself 750 dollars and the Burton US Open qualifier.

By the time the ladies finals came around the inches of snow falling on the course made it difficult to clear the banger jumps. So it made it pretty clear when Danika Duffy spun off both of them, back 3 to front 3, that the dollar bills were hers. Ashley Wendorf took a solid 3rd with one of the more stylish front 3’s I have seen by a lady, or dude for that matter, this season. Michelle Zeller took the 2nd spot with a little extra amplitude and got herself 500 hundred extra bones for the ride home.

Northstar was one of our best stops yet. My favorite to be exact. You can go anywhere on the mountain and find some little thing to jump on and the park staff is the one of the best in the business. Thanks to everyone for helping us out. Thanks as well, and as always, goes out to Snowboarder Mag and Amp Energy Drink for sponsoring our shenanigans. The stunt ditch is next. thanks for coming out.


Men’s Slopestyle Results:
1. Bobby Witty
2. Nick Geisen
3. Michael Goldschmidt
Best Trick: Jordan Neild; Backside Rodeo 9

northstar-burton-am-series-slopes-wmn-podiumWomen’s Slopestyle Results:
1. Danika Duffy
2. Michelle Zeller
3. Ashley Wendorf
Best Trick: Danika Duffy; Back 3 to front 3 combo