Paul Brichta, BURTON AM SERIES SS, Winter Park

Jacob T. Weber

Burton Am Series 2010 Slopestyle Recap & Results

The age old saying still seems to ring true…the third time is a charm. The Burton Am Series rolled into Winter Park CO for its third stop of the season and everything just clicked. The weather was magical, registration went smashingly, and the shredding was off the chain.  Some days are made for writing, this one isn’t. Some days are made for throwing down, some aren’t. Blessed be the days that are and thanks to whatever powers that be that January the 30th in the year of our lord 2010 was one of those throwing down type days.

We took to the slopes with 42 males and 17 females all looking to take the top spot in our slopestyle snowboard match. The level of riding was serious and everyone was pulling out their sweetest maneuvers.  Everything from switch backside 900s to double back rodeos, sort of a double backflip 180, was getting thrown down. But no matter how wondermous everyone is riding somebody still has to win. And that honor was left to Heather Baroody and Mr. Davis Johnson. Both riders were nearly flawless in their runs. Justin Morgan and Joe Mano both sent some double back rodeos and with a hand touch Joey left the door open for Justin to snag the best trick dollar bills. Heather Baroody not only nabbed the 750 for 1st but the 250  for her very stylish and very large backside 3.

In summation we tripped the ligghhht fantastic all over Winter Park’s Dark Territory Terrain Park. Special thanks to Dustin and Bjorn and the whole park staff for breaking there backs for us all weekend. Amp Energy Drink and Snowboarder Mag deserve thanks for being awesome. Thanks to all for coming out see you in the stunt ditch.

Burton Am Series 2010 Winter Park Men’s Slopestyle Results:
1. Davis Johnson
2. Jake Larue
3. Justin Morgan
Best Trick: Justin Morgan; Backside Double Rodeo

Burton Am Series 2010 Winter Park Women’s Slopestyle Results:

1. Heather Baroody
2. Elin Tortorice
3.  Arelia Friedman
Best Trick: Heather Baroody; massive back side 3

Burton Am Series 2010 Halfpipe Recap & Results

Words: Jacob t Weber

It turns out that long nights can lead to some pretty rough days. But no matter how we felt, day two of the Burton Am Series and the Winter Park stunt ditch were calling. When 10am rolled around and the 17 competitors, 8 women and 9 men, started doing a hell of a job on those walls it made it well worth the early wake up call.

Unlike the trials and tribulations of Bear Mtn, see previous Am Series articles, the weather remained cooperative; the sun was shining most of the afternoon and the wind didn’t tear any of our equipment asunder. But due to the smaller then average field of U-jump rippers we had to again alter the format a bit. Flexibility is key to success in the world of traveling stunt shows such as ours. Instead of cutting our field down and having a 2 run final, we opted to extend the jam sessions from 30 to 45 minutes and give everyone a shot at the 750 bones and qualifying spot in the US Open.

At 11am we started the 45 min timer and the ladies started dropping all the moves on us. When the proverbial buzzer sounded it was time to crown our female champ and for the second day in a row it was Heather Baroody standing with the plastic check and very stabby yellow trophy in her hands. Leslie Glenn and Summer Fenton were on her heels all afternoon long, both throwing 7s down to try and steal the dollar bills. But with perfection eluding them the top spot remained Heathers.

As the clock struck high noon the mens showdown erupted. It quickly came about 3 riders, Taylor(Max) Gold, Paul Brichta and Nick Larson. Nick had some impressive amplitude and a front 9 not to be scoffed at ,but in the end it was a man to man battle between friends. Taylor and Paul would walk up the pipe together and throw down their unreal, especially for their youthfulness, maneuvers in successive runs. Each of them trying to one up each others amplitude and difficulty with every run. When the dust finally settled at 12:45 it was Taylor Gold standing victorious, but by the narrowest of margins; both were throwing 10s and 9s in their runs and as Paul dropped in on guys final run it could Have gone either way. Paul may not of climbed atop the podium but his switch front 1080 claimed the 250 for best trick.

Thanks again to Dustin, Bjorn, Nick, Eric, Nelly, and all the radical Winter Park staff that helped us out and slammed PBRs with us. It was a lot of good times. As always thanks to Snowboarder Mag and Amp. got to go now, the traveling circus whistle is howling and its time to hit the road. Next stop Northstar at Tahoe. Thanks for coming out.

Burton Am Series Winter Park Mens Halfpipe:
1. Taylor (Max) Gold
2. Paul Brichta
3. Nick Larson
Best Trick: Paul Brichta, inverted cab 1080

Burton Am Series Winter Park Womens Halfpipe:
1. Heather Baroody
2. Leslie Glenn
3. Summer Fenton
Best Trick: Rainey Pogue, frontside 5 indy